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The MLB offers going back to the 15-day disabled list

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The MLB proposed to go back to the so-called 15-day disabled list to increase option time for players. What are the pros and cons of this offer? Analytics are trying to give the right answer to this question.

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The MLB offer to go back to a 15-day disabled list

  1. The MLB offered to go back to a 15-day disabled list to increase the time that optioned players spend in minor leagues. This decision is focused on the reduction of using reviving offense and relief pitchers. Use pinup betting if you like predicting future games.
  2. It means that the minimum period of time that injured players spend on a disabled list will be increased from 10 days to 15 days. According to advanced analytics, starting pitchers tend to be less successful the 3rd time through batting orders. That’s why teams prefer to rotate middle relievers with minor league affiliates to have available pitchers when needed. Sometimes, they’re even used as openers for starting games.
  3. The MLB included this proposal to change playing rules, but Rob Manfred insists that he’s still reluctant to make this decision. The necessary changes in rules can be required by the federal labor law. Besides, unions must agree to changes in employment terms and conditions.
  4. There are certain rumors expected after this proposal made by the MLB. It also instituted an overall limit of 6 mound visits without pitching changes by coaches, managers, and players.

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