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Most prefer to play a set that is still hit by the slow flop, fearing that aggressiveness so early in the hand will result in winning the pot there and consequently little value in relation to hand power. Generally speaking, you have to do it, but there are cases where you have to be aggressive and even push all your charts after the first three community cards appear. In such an example we will report today.

General Framework

Set Mining is a strategy used by everyone in the no-limit hold’em game. This refers to the payment of a fairly pre-flop price with a small or medium pair, aiming at catching three pieces after the first three cards are lowered by the dealer. Such a hand is hard to detect by your opponents, so it puts you in an ideal situation where you can play for the entire stack of opponents. In Online Casino Malaysia¬†this is a big break.

To hit a set of the flop is an ideal situation, but the strategy then differs, depending on several variables. In theory, if you have one opponent in front, it is preferable to resort to slow play, giving your opponent the chance to bluff or believe that you do not have a strong hand. Such a stretched trap will bring you a number of benefits in the following streets.

But there are situations where slowplay is not the right option when you have a set. In such an example we will focus our attention in this article to identify where most people are wrong and why the manifestation of aggression on your part is fully justified.


More Opponents In The Pot And A Draw Of Color

Let’s say you’re either at a cash table or in a tournament. A UTG player is clear, a middle position opponent makes a standard bet of 3XBB, and the cutoff and the hijack decide to pay. From the button, you have 7-7, a hand that under these circumstances fully justifies the call. You have an excellent price in a pot that can create a number of problems for your opponents. But, more importantly, you also have a position in relation to all opponents at the table.

Let’s imagine the flop lowered by the dealer is 2 coins, 7 cups, and a cup. You hit the set and the temptation will be to hide your hand. Explore the best at Casino Malaysia¬†with it now.

Let’s say the middle position goes on a continuation bet, in a pot with a total of four people. Apart from the fact that, through a call from us, we could offer the chance of another participant in hand to see a tower with a color draw, another thing to consider before deciding whether to enlarge or not.

The thing that should be of most interest to you in such situations is related to the range of your opponent who played the pre-flop as the original aggressor, as well as the appearance of the common cards. In a pot of four people, it’s almost impossible for him to mask C-bet in a bluff.

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